Friday, December 7, 2012

King makers unite! #iVoted Did You?

#iVoted (c) Ghanyobi
On December 7th every four years, millions of Ghanaians since Ghana's fourth republic of 1992 have decided who to sit upon the highest throne of the land.

This year's prime objective rests with the thumbs of some 12million(2008 figure) 14 million registered Ghanaian voters, many of who sad to say will not be voting. What ever reason they may have had to stay away, religious or otherwise, is their prerogative, needless to say, I hope is such fellows will not bicker and whine when decisions made by which ever government that comes into power is not in their favor.

#iVoted today, I hope you will do same next time if you didn't today.

Long Live Ghana. God bless us all.

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