Friday, September 9, 2011

SMS Tweetbox: a simple SMS to Twitter gateway

Convert your phone into a simple SMS-to-Twitter gateway. You can use it in private mode to allow only SMS from predefined phone numbers to be tweeted or set it to global to tweet all incoming SMS or filter by keyword. 

SMS Tweetbox is a project I worked on for the Google Android Developer Challenge - Sub-Saharan Africa Edition. The idea stuck me when at the Coders4Africa  launch in Accra my Nokia N95 phone I was using to tweet run out of battery juice. Stuck with just my Vodafone VF225. All it could do was send SMS and  make phone calls. As I sat there all I wondered was why Twitter's SMS to Twitter hadn't reached Ghana yet...Then I figured the I could write an Android app to do just need for a expensive shot code, just the app running on an android phone and voila my Twitter gateway will be live and active!! I could as well get a dedicated phone number and allow others to send in twitter bound SMS :-)

I was a fun and interesting project to work on. Got an android phone? why don't you try it out and give me your comments. Grab it at this link.


  1. Nice job, bro. Keep on coming up with awesome stuff!

  2. I had heard of this app, but hadn't seen it yet. Now I know what it is about. Hope to see you on Saturday at the Mobile Apps Showcase Kwamena :)

  3. Hi,

    You may also check how to send SMS from Twitter with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway:


  4. Hi,

    nice app.
    Is there any source code available?
    I would like to see it open source and/or within play store.

  5. Your app is a life saver. This is saving me a lot of coding and headaches., now my guests will be able to Tweet or send a test message to send a message to my LED Matrix display.

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